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The following sound examples are selected sections reduced to mp3 format, to get a feeling of the CDs. All sound material is produced with the artists displayed on this website.

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Each CD is 15 € plus 2,50 post and package prepaid (if two CDs are ordered, post and package is free within Europe, please ask for conditions for orders from other countries).


Franz Sonaten Suiten


French Suites and Sonatas 15,-€
Marais, Leclair, Boismortier and Philidor
Recorded in the end of 2009, shall be available very soon.
Supported by the Organeum

Hajo Wienroth traversflute
Huw Daniel violin
Winfried Dahlke original harpsichord by Chr. Zell 1741

This CD was recorded at the Organeum, where the original Harpsichord that once belonged to the Ostfriesian Court is kept. It is one of the three harpsichords built by the famous Christian Zell, very probably the one best sounding of the three. The effort of very much research work on the Ostfriesian Princes, the music at the court and the harpsichord had a direct influence on the whole project and unreveals many secrets about the history and the harpsichord itself, beeing written in a well documented CD - booklet.

Since the year 1965 this is the first recording and the first CD recording at all of this instrument, documenting a very important part of the Ostfriesian history and a striking novelty to the music history in general..  


Joseph Haydn Divertissements & Trios 15,-€
Recorded the end of March / Beginning of April, it is printed yet
A very lively and high - fildelity recording.

Hajo Wienroth (Leer) - original keyed flute ca. 1810
Simon Standage (London) - violin
Poppy Walshaw (London) - cello

The title "Divertissements" can be seen as programmatic, implying 'easy listening'
but of that era and in the best sense of the term. The music
charmingly ranges from pleasing singing Allegros, light-footed
Minuets and swirlingly mercurial Prestos, to Adagios in Empfindsamer
Stil (a term to describe a common style in music of the mid-eighteenth
century, that expresses sentimental and deeply-felt emotions)
Haydn is thus shown with his full sense of humour, spirit and nuance,within the language of Classicism.

Trio III Moderato

Trio IV Allegro

Haydn CD Cover

Sonata V Allegro di molto

Bleibt, ihr Engel, bleibt bei mir
Johann Sebastian Bach 
Arias and Cantatas for tenor and orchestra 15€

this is the brandnew recording in audiophile quality of the famous german tenor Markus Brutscher, well known for his outstaking interpretation and timbre of his voice, is leading the listener to deep emotions from suffering, desperation to confidence. Brutscher is congenial accompanied by the baroque orchestra Le Chardon under Hajo Wienroth.

Aria aus BWV247
1 „Mein Tröster ist nicht mehr bey mir”
Kantate BWV82 „Ich habe genung”
2 Aria: „Ich habe genung”
3 Rec: „Ich habe genung”
4 Aria: „Schlummert ein, ihr matten Augen”
5 Rec: „Mein Gott! Wann kommt das schne: Nun!”
6 Aria: „Ich freue mich auf meinen Tod”
Aria aus BWV161
7 „Mein Verlangen”
Aria aus BWV249
8 „Sanfte soll mein Todeskummer”
Kantate BWV55 „Ich armer Mensch, ich Sündenknecht”
9 Aria: „Ich armer Mensch, ich Sündenknecht”
10 Rec: „Ich habe wider Gott gehandelt”
11 Aria: „Erbarme dich!”
12 Rec: „Erbarme dich!”
13 Choral: „Bin ich gleich von dir gewichen”
Aria aus BW78
14 „Das Blut, so meine Schuld durchstreicht”
Aria aus BWV188
15 „Ich habe meine Zuversicht”
Aria aus BWV19
16 „Bleibt, ihr Engel, bleibt bei mir!”


Please click the link to hear a part of the song as mp3.

Johann Adolf Scheibe  15€

this is the new recording of all 3 Scheibe Sonatas this beautiful music is played by Winfried Dahlke on a wonderful harpsichord, built by Klaus Ahrend and Hajo Wienroth on his Traverso.With the Scheibe comes a beautiful Clementi Sonata performed on a chamber organ from 1804 and an original flute from 1815.

Scheibe A major sonata

Antoine Mahaut 9 Sonatas  15€

is the first recording of a collection of handwritten sonatas, kept in Stockholm. The bassline of the handwritten sonata is not figured, it was completed for the recording. As continuo instrument a baroque harp is used, which gives a beutiful sound combination together with the traversflute.

download the mp3 sample here. 2,04 MB

Telemann Movmnt 3

Telemann Movmnt 4

Telemann Händel Fasch Quantz Bach
Arien und Konzerte  15€

The wonderful dutch countertenor Maarten Engeltjes performs arias by Bach and Handel. Mostly unknown double concertos by Telemann and Fasch and a flute concerto by Quantz are also on this CD.

Freshly printed it shall be available very soon. If you order the CD on this website it is possible to receive it before christmas.

Handel Father of Heaven

The Markus Passion

lies before you in the terms of Simon Heighes´ reconstruction, in that the missing parts to the extant fragments are composed or chosen in order to get results as close as possible to Bachs own style of composition. The solo parts were sung by members of the Hilliard Ensemble. The orchestra is the European Union Baroque Orchestra, Hajo Wienroth is principal flautist.

1,6 MB