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Europäisches Barockorchester Le Chardon

Marie Wienroth Marie Wienroth




                                        26.06.2019    Graduating from high school with special acknowledgement in

                                         musical involvement


              Since 10.2019   Studying baroque violin with Prof. Dr. Pauline Nobes at the

                                         Hochschule für Musik Würzburg


              Since 10.2020   Studying transverse flute with Verena Fischer at the Hochschule für

                                          Musik Würzburg


      08.2021 – 07.2022   Year abroad in Helsinki, studying with Jari S. Puhakka

                                          (transverse flute) and Minna Kangas (baroque violin)   


Musical Education


                2003 – 2012   Baroque violin lessons with Andreas Klingel (Münster)


                2010 – 2019   Violin lessons with Mary Riccardi (USA), James O'Toole (GB),

                                         Ben Sansom (GB), Simon Standage (GB), Arwen Bouw (NL),

                                         Pauine Nobes (GB)


                   Since 2012   Lessons in baroque oboe, oboe d’amore, oboe da Caccia

                                         with Vincent van Ballegooijen (NL)


                2012 – 2015   Piano lessons with Christina Wienroth (DE)


                2012 – 2013   Baroque violin lessons with Pauline Kostense (NL)


                2012 – 2017   Violin lessons with Dirk Ellée (Leer)


                   Since 2013   Transverse flute lessons with Hajo Wienroth (DE)


                2014 – 2016   Trumpet lessons with Willem Frieswijk (NL)


                            2018   ‘Building a transverse flute’ workshop with Hajo Wienroth

Musical Experience


                   Since 2013   Member of the JSO (Junges Sinfonie Orchester Leer) as 1st violin

                                         and later 1st trumpet


        2013, 2014, 2015   Participation in Festival ReTour 1713 - early music festival with

                                         concerts and courses   


                2013 – 2015   1st transverse flute, 1st oboe, 1st  violin of the Jugendbarockorchester

                                         NRW (youth orchestra solely with baroque instruments)


                            2015   Solo concerto with transverse flute and the Jugendbarockorchester

                                        NRW (Willem de Fesch)


                2014 – 2019   Trumpet of the bigband Ubbo-Emmius-Gymnasium since 2018

                                         section leader of the trumpets


                   Since 2013   Member of the Europäische Barockorchester „Le Chardon“  with

                                         Transverse flute, baroque oboe, oboe d’amore, oboe da caccia,

                                         violin, viola and recorder


                   Since 2015   Concerts with Münster Barockorchester, Barockorchester

                                         Thomas Rinck, The Nothern Consort (NL)


                   Since 2016   Frequent participation in the concert series under the direction of

                                         Jelte Hulzebos (NL), Groote Kerk, Groningen





                    Language   English (fluently), French (fluently)


                          Music   Violin, viola, transverse flute, baroque oboe, oboe d’amore, oboe da

                                        caccia, recorder, trumpet, harpsichord

CD recordings:



                                     2022 Etienne Valoix L'Art de la Musique et de la Danse Baroque Europäisches Barockorchester Le Chardon