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Pieter Dirksen (Cembalo)

performs as soloist on both  harpsichord and organ and as continuo player with diverse chamber  ensembles. He completed his musicological studies with honours in 1987  and since then published widely about baroque keyboard music.

In 1996 he received his doctorate ‘cum laude’ with a dissertation on the keyboard  music of Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, which was awarded the Dutch Praemium Erasmianum. Further books have been devoted to Bach's Art of Fugue (1994), Sweelinck (essays, 2002) and Scheidemann (2007), and critical  editions appeared with music by Bull, Sweelinck, Cornet, Scheidemann, Düben, Buxtehude, Reincken, Lübeck and Bach. Continuous research into  the background and the sources of the music lend the performances of  Pieter Dirksen a special quality.

Pieter Dirksen is a member of Combattimento Consort Amsterdam as well as the chamber music group La Suave Melodia and the European Baroque Orchestra Le Chardon. He appeared in  most European countries, the United States and Canada, and regularly  gives masterclasses in chamber music and keyboard playing.

He taught at the Organ Summer Academies in Haarlem, Göteborg and Smarano and is  affiliated with the organ research at the Göteborg Organ Art Center.

As a soloist he specializes in the rich seventeenth-century North-European  repertoire as well as in the music of J.S. Bach.

Among his numerous  recordings the one devoted to the reconstruction of the earliest version of Bach's Art of Fugue and the complete recording of  Sweelinck's keyboard music, in which he participated both as a player  and musicologist, stand out in particular. The latter was awarded the  highest Dutch prize, the Edison.

Pieter Dirksen plays harpsichord on an instrument by Sebastiàn Nunez

2013 CD Arias for Tenor with the European Baroque Orchestra Le Chardon and Andreas Post - Tenor. “Mein Alles in Allem”

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