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Europäisches Barockorchester Le Chardon

Here are pictures of the most beautiful flutes I own.

 Anonymus flute, 6/8 keys, boxwood with ivory rings, 3 middlejoints 430 Hz, 435 Hz, 438 Hz, D-foot, C-foot, in the original box ca. 1810

A photo of the same flute in the box, unfortunately the writing on the lid is not completely readable.

One Keyed Traverso, Boxwood with horn. High tuning a=456Hz. Lively sound, very good in tune. The horn rings must be replaced.

A beauty is the 8 keyed flute 438 Hz by Johann Gottlieb Streitwolf, ca. 1830, later Streitwolf built flutes with a nearly rectangle mouthhole. Some intruments of him are kept in different museums, like Oxford Bates Collection, Germanisches Museum... Streitwolf was a well known and very good instrument maker, he built flutes as well as clarinets and oboes.

Anonyme Flöte England
6-keyed classical flute with slide in the head joint, Boxwood with ivory. Pitch a=440 - 430. ca 1840 anonymous.
Unbelievable playing condition, easy going even into the highest of the high notes, round and full sound.
Anonyme KlappenflöteAnonyme Klappenflöte mit Kasten
8 - keyed classical flute Boxwood with bone. Pitch a=438. Ca 1820 Satzger Carlsruhe.
Full and rich sound, easy high register.
Satzger Klappenflöte 1Satzger Klappenflöte 2
  Satzger Klappenflöte
1-keyed traverso. Boxwood with ivory. Pitch a=438, 435, 430.
Carl Augustine II Grenser 1800.
Full and round sound, easy high register. This one sounds better and is better in tune than any newly made Grensor copy I know of!
CA II Grenser
  CA II Grenser 
  CA II Grenser 
5 - keyed classical French flute with tuning slide. Boxwood with ivory. Pitch a=440 - 430. Ca 1840 Nicolas Ainé.
Unbelievable condition, it looks as if it never has been played plays very well in all registers. Full and loud sound. No long f-key.
Nicolas Ainé 
  Nicolas Ainé 
  Nicolas Ainé 
  Nicolas Ainé 
  Nicolas Ainé 
Romantic after Meyer flute with tuning slide. Pitch a=440 - 430. Late 19.C, anonymous.
Very good playing condition. 12 keys.
Low b,c,c#,d#, f-short, f-long, g#-short, g#-thumb, bb-short, bb-rh index finger, c, d'''-e''' trill
Nach Meyer Flöte 
  English 4 keyed flute

English 4-keyed flute high pitch a'=460

William Potter7 Klappen Flöte

I am delighted to have this William Henry Potter 7 key flute, dated before 1840 in my collection. Restauration is in progress. Over all the flute is in a very good condition. No cracks, sharp edges on all the holes, but there is a little chip at the tenon of the right hand piece, which is so small and is in such a spot, that it doesn't have any affect at all. The flute is already cleaned and oiled, the tenons have new threads, the pins that hold the keys came out after a bit of a struggle. At the moment I am making customized pads, individually for every salt spoon key. The brass spring of one of the keys is broken and needs replacement. The sound will be very nice, one can hear it already when blowing the headjoint. At which pitch the flute is, will show once all the keys are padded and in place.

William Henry Potter geölt
cleaned, oiled and without keys.


Making of the pads, needs a special leather and a few ideas!Polster in Klappe

fertige Klappe